Review of Field


Introduction to Video Journalism

1. ‘What is Video Journalism?’ – (

A simple Youtube video to start things off. This was posted by the BBC and features short 3 minute discussion between journalists of what video journalism means.

2. Kdmc Video Tutorials – (

Part of the Berkley School of Journalism – This page provides useful links to several basic guides and tutorials for budding video journalists.

3. Four types of Video Journalism – (

A blog post detailing the four main types of video journalism we encounter daily.

4. 10 Tips for Dramatically Improving Your Videojournalism Stories – (

A how-to guide of how to create a perfect video journalism story.

5. Video Journalism Lecture Notes – . 

A very interesting and in-depth collection of notes on how to create your piece from the University of Tennessee.

Production Resources

6. Top tips and resources for creating powerful online video journalism – (

A page that lists a number of must-read resources for video journalism. Some of the links seems to be dead though, unfortunately.

7. Journalists’ Toolkit – (

A nice little page that helps you out with the nitty-gritty stuff. Features links to tools and applications like Windows Movie Maker and iMovie.

8. BBC Journalism – (

Linked with the first entry of the post, the BBC’s journalism site contains many useful tips and guides for budding journalists and is aimed mainly at undergraduates and those still learning the trade.

9. Kobre Guide – (

A massive 16 chapter guide for video journalism and multimedia storytelling. Extremely in-depth and covers everything from the creation of your story idea to lighting and sound.

10. Wikiversity template – (

A simple template for a video script. An editable Google Doc version can be found here: (

Content Showcases

11. VJ Movement – (

A blog by Ryan Libre that searches out and admires some of the finer pieces of video journalism out on the net,

12. ViewMag – (

A similar blog, but is more aimed at asking questions and investigating the growth and evolution of journalism, especially online.

13. Journalism in Motion – (

Another blog, this time created by Journalism Masters students in City University of London.

14. IJNET –  (

A news and article page for TV, video and documentary.

15. AdamWestBrook – (

Not so much an example of ‘video journalism’, but a page that shows three great videos and stories. These are documentaries that are very well created and act as fine examples of the craft at work.


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