Group Assignment One

For our first group task, the three of us were given videos to dig into and analyse on our blogs. The video I have decided to evaluate is ‘Bless Your Pet!’

The video begins with a quick run through of the landscape of the area. There is a lot of background noise which creates a sense of atmosphere right from the get-go.

We then jump straight into a set of interviewees with their pets, the first of which explains why they are all there. No questions are heard throughout the video, as the absence of narration is made up for by the interviewees themselves. We quickly learn that this is a gathering place for people who wish to get their pets christened or blessed.

The short 2 minute film contains many fast moving shots, with the camera panning to a different visual almost every few seconds. The director has been sure not things settle. This is about the height of the editing used in this video, as it contains no audio-track. Actuality is a key component to the style of this scene.

The camera work, in addition to being a collection of short frames, is recorded with a handheld camera with a focal length of 50-60mm.


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